Once upon a time…

To understand the background and motivations behind Natura Pellets, we must go back to the inception of Stark Premium Pellets, our start-up launched in 2015.
It was important for us to give real meaning to our actions, and to developp activities with a positive impact on the world. Given the composition and the expertise of our team, we focused on the renewable energies.

Reduce our environmental footprint.

We promote wood pellets as a durable source of energy, and a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

The pellet experts

Throughout our growth, we have developped a large range of pelletized products from a variety of wood, sunflower, olive pomace,…. This constantly evolving list has allowed us to gain real expertise with the production and applications of pellets.

Fight global warming

We wanted to put this cumulated experience to a cause that is very dear to us : the animals. When we realized the disastrous ecological impact caused by animal litter, we saw an opportunity to offer a environmentally friendly product. After thorough manufacturing processes, we can assure you that pellets made out of straw are more suitable for home use. This lead us to create Natura Pellets. The story continues !!